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Reports and Publications

Stream Health and Aquatic Environments

Water governance

  • Norman, E., K. Bakker, C. Cook, G. Dunn, and D. Allen. 2010. Water Security: A Primer. The publication is part of a larger, four-year project on Water Security in Canada. For more information, see
  • Brandes, O., K. Ferguson, M. M'Gonigle, and C. Sandborn 2005. At a Watershed: Ecological Governance and Sustainable Water Management in Canada
  • Brandes, O. and T. Maas. 2006. What We Govern and What Governs Us: Developing Sustainability in Canadian Water Management.
  • Brandes, O. and J. O'Riordan. 2007. Water Policy in B.C.: Directions and Possibilities for the B.C. Real Estate Association.
  • Brandes, O., L. Nowlan, and K. Paris. 2008. Going With the Flow? Evolving Water Allocations and the Potential and Limits of Water Markets in Canada. Prepared for the Conference Board of Canada.
  • Brandes, O. and D. Curran. 2009. Setting a New Course in British Columbia: Water Governance Reform Options and Opportunities. Victoria, British Columbia: Polis Project on Ecological Governance.
  • de Loë, R., J. Varghese, C. Ferreyra, and R. Kreutzwiser. 2007. Water Allocation and Water Security in Canada: Initiating a Policy Dialogue for the 21st Century.
  • Nowlan, L. and K. Bakker. 2007. Delegating Water Governance: Issues and Challenges in the BC Context. This report on evolving approaches to water governance in Canada, focusing on water governance issues and challenges in BC and was commissioned by the BC Water Governance Project.


General water law and policy information

  • The Institute for Research on Public Policy brings together a wide range of Canadian water experts to take stock of water policy in Canada.
  • A Handbook for Integrated Water Resources Management in Basins is a useful publication from The Global Water Partnership and the International Network of Basin organizations. May 2009.
  • Balancing Act: Water Conservation and Economic Growth discusses the linkages between water and economic growth and the importance of water conservation in water policy. Karen Wilkie. January, 2005
  • Eau Canada provides a complete discussion from leading water experts on current and future water issues facing Canada. Information regarding this book can be found here: