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Doing Business Differently

Mountain Pine Beetle Damage

Living Water Smart will change the way British Columbians do business around water. If you are a farmer, developer, planner, business owner/operator, or associated role, these actions will affect you.

See below to find more information about B.C. government commitments to doing business differently. Our new Water Sustainability Act site describes some of the biggest changes government is proposing for water management. Learn more about these changes and share your views on modernizing BC’s water laws.

Close Tooltip Doing business differently requires changes to our values, attitudes, and actions for water use. This is essential since rivers and lakes require certain amounts of water at different times of the year to protect natural ecosystem functions like cleaning river beds and fish rearing. The plan will work in conjunction with protecting surface and groundwater across the province, ensuring sufficient water for agriculture while shifting to stronger water conservation and efficiency measures in all sectors.