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Living Water Smart Blog

About the Blog

Welcome to the Living Water Smart Blog.

The purpose of the blog

We’d like to keep using this blog for a broader discussion on water. In addition, we’ve created a new blog specific to the Water Sustainability Act at

How to use the blog

Clicking on the ‘Living Water Smart Blog’ button above will take you to the blog site. We encourage you to get involved and join the conversation. All you have to do is select comment and tell us what you think.

Please observe our Terms of Use and note that all comments posted to the blog will be reviewed in accordance with our Moderation Policy.

Your comments

When you make a comment on our blog it will not be published immediately. All comments must be reviewed to ensure they meet the requirements of our Moderation Policy. Moderation will take place during regular business hours Monday through Friday; comments submitted after hours or on weekends will be published as early as possible the next business day.

All comments received will be recorded in our stakeholder management system for reference throughout our policy development and implementation process.